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July 14, 2009

A Classy Architectural Fly-Through

This is one of those rare presentations that adapt actual movie making techniques. It is like one of those many phrases Dwight Atkinson says from time to time, in reference to creating architectural renderings... "One Must Think Like A Photographer". In this case, "one must think like a movie director". The camera paths, angles and speed fit perfectly with the music. The execution of fading in and out of each animation is pleasant and adds a dramatic effect. I have to give kudos to the one who created 'the steaming water pouring on the tub scene' - excellent! My final critique to the whole presentation - amazingly realistic, and inviting! Thanks to YouTube's architecturelaw for sharing.


Ayie said...

the video has very dim or should i say dark lighting but that gave so much drama to the overall presentation. The whole thing looks awesome!

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