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February 28, 2012

Buying a Home

Thanks for the guest post by Kristofer Bartlett

My husband and I just bought out first home, and we are so excited to be moving in. It took a while for all of the loan paperwork to go through, so we have been waiting for a movie date for 2 months. At certain points we were worried that something would go wrong and we would never get the house. As soon as we got word that the deal was closed, we started working hard to get things ready for the move. We couldn’t wait to finally be in our own place, and the kids were looking forward to having their own rooms. After the electricity and phone services were connected, I went to and connected out Directv. I knew the TV would have to be the first thing to get unpacked so that our kids would have something to do while my husband and I got organized. Moving is a lot of work and we wanted them to have something to do since we knew we wouldn’t have much time for them.


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