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May 17, 2011

The Civil War by Ken Burns

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

One of my favorite television documentaries was one I just happened to catch on, late one night. It is called the Civil War and it is by Ken Burns. I love the way the documentary takes you through all parts of the Civil War. It keeps me occupied and I do not feel bored for a second!

The show introduces the events of the war in chronological order. It tastefully puts together letters from soldiers, writers, and even politicians of that day and time. The documentary tells you how the National Anthem was made, why the war started, and includes small facts that you wouldn't learn sitting at a desk. I love hearing about Robert E. Lee and his loyalty to his family, President Lincoln and his strength, and all of the soldiers who gave their all.

The series is made by Ken Burns so it is nicely put together. It was narrated by David McCullough who gives it such a comfortable, soothing feeling. If you are a history buff I highly recommend this documentary.


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