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December 15, 2008

Vertical City of the Future

A lot of work was put into this thesis presentation. It lasts for a whopping 6 minutes and 47 seconds consisting of numerous animations along with unique stills. Some parts appear to be done in a power point type presentation where the director calls out several facts about his creation. This feature was put together with such care, I absolutely enjoy the way it starts off with site analysis, then structure stats, then structure features, then spaces..... and then finally several seamless shots, and approaches of the whole building, showing off the design to the viewers. Great job to Michael Ka'ainoni, the person responsible for this thesis project.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting piece to watch there and very well put together!

Just goes to show what is achievable now.

Kirk Smith

saleel said...

Nice 3D Visualisation.
Hi, i am saleel. I am follwing your blog already.
hope you are busy. Please add my blog to your blogroll. Thanks.

peteformation said...

Interesting thesis presentation. Nice blog. Wanna exchange links? Cheers!

jifdc said...

@ saleel: Your on my Link Exchange list. Thanks.

@ peteformation: Thanks for visiting, Your on my Link Exchange list as well. Feel free to check out the archives for past posts. Lots of nice architectural animations to check out.

Vagner Ferreira said...

Hello. I am a Brazilian blogger and would like to exchange links with your blog through our blogroll. I await your visit to my blog to confirm the switch. A happy 2009 to you!

jifdc said...

Your on my list Vagner. Thanks for the visit!

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