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April 13, 2008

Nave Appleseed

Growing Warehouse made with 3dsmax, VRay & Premiere. A short construction simulation of a warehouse project. Nice job 3DX Design & Appleseed Construction! I like the touch they used for the "environment" during the 360 degree view of the warehouse....I'm referring to the plywood type board used at the base of the model..and empty background...with a simple horizon gives it that scaled model feeling which is neat. Then at the end they merged the model with a photo montage which shows the project at its true enviroment. Sometimes this technique is a good idea because we don't always have nice backgrounds to present our models....and we're better off either inventing the surrounding or completely ignore it and focus on the main project. One thing for sure saves time when your rendering the frames!


Michael said...

Looks nice. Yeah, its becoming obligatory for architects to have 3d renderings of their works. It is certainly necessary to impress...

Junior said...

I completely agree with you Michael. Plus the implementation of BIM (Building Information Modeling) stretching out all over the world is only a matter of time until renderings and 3D models are truely a mandatory part of the architectural process.

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