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March 4, 2008

Fujairah Hotel

"A 3d Walk through done by TUNISIAN Architects in Dubai 2007, Resort in Fujairah." A very complete presentation. Starts off by approaching the project site from the ocean (I'm assuming it's an ocean...haven't googled the exact location yet) and works it way up high to create a nice aerial shot of the whole site! I personally like this technique. This might make sense to do with some fly-throughs but not all. The textures applied to the 3d surfaces were amazing. High quality if you ask me, most especially the texture applied to the walls. The entourage, which is sometimes ignored in most presentations because of difficulty to achieve realism, was well rounded in terms of complexity and quality. Water, trees and landscaping fitted together very nicely. Kudos to La Cienda for the concept design.


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